OxFarmtoFork is a short food supply chain initiative set up by Good Food Oxfordshire.



OxFarmtoFork is helping to create relational networks of supply.

Our current 'just in time' system sources food globally with little transparency about the producer, how far produce has travelled, how long it has been stored or the production methods. 

Good Food Oxfordshire knows we need to rethink the way we produce and distribute food. We support farmers to work the land agroecologically, and have established a procurement platform to enable farmers, growers and producers to sell directly into Oxford institutions. 

We are currently selling into University of Oxford colleges, our ambition is also to sell into Oxford schools and hospitals. To do this, we will need to support a new network of market gardens in Oxfordshire.

We are building relationships of trust between producers and chefs, creating opportunities for interaction between both.


Short food supply chains have multiple advantages:
  • + Supports the local economy and community 

  • + Enables producers to keep a larger slice of profit 

  • + Creates a more secure food system 

  • + Supports agro-ecological farming methods, meaning better land management which rejuvenates the soil and increases biodiversity

  • + Builds relationships between producers and buyers 

  • + Provides fresher food and reduces waste (on both the consumer and producer end) 

  • + Reduces packaging  

  • + Reduces food miles 


What is agroecology?

Agroecology is sustainable farming that works with nature. Ecology is the study of relationships between plants, animals, people, and their environment - and the balance between these relationships. Agroecology is the application of ecological concepts and principals in farming.

Agroecology promotes farming practices that;

  • Mitigate climate change - reducing emissions, recycling resources and prioritising local supply chains.

  • Work with wildlife - managing the impact of farming on wildlife and harnessing nature to do the hard work for us, such as pollinating crops and controlling pests.

  • Put farmers and communities in the driving seat - they give power to approaches led by local people and adapt agricultural techniques to suit the local area - and its specific social, environmental and economic conditions.

Source: Soil Association.

If you are a buyer or supplier and would like to join the OxFarmtoFork platform, please contact oxfarmtofork@gfo.org.


How it works

We want to ensure the process is straight-forward,transparent and user friendly, for both buyers and suppliers. Have a look at how it works here.

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Our producers

The producers all share the same values; to offer the best quality produce, using regenerative, sustainable and organic principles.  We are always looking for more producers, so get involved!

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Our buyers

A growing range of University of Oxford colleges are buying produce through this initiative.

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